Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update Summer 2009

Well, been a while since updating. Looks as though Facebook has taken over the postings but I will post a few pics and announcements here. Matt graduated from high school and I graduated from Texas State with my BA in English and a Honors minor. I am heading to grad school at TxState to study Tech Comm and Literature and Matt is going to San Antonio Community College then eventually to Texas State to study communication design - Art. Not much else happening. Justin becomes a Jr in HS and is learning electric guitar. Dave is still busy with church, just finished a really busy 2 weeks of VBS. The kids and I drove to Chicago for a grad party for Matt and visiting family, now back in the 108 degrees Texas heat. Ugggh. More posts and pics later.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Holidays, 2009!

About time I made another post. Here are some pics from our trip to Chicago. I drove alone with kids, and Dave joined us Christmas helping to drive home after the New Year. I had a great alone time with the kids and made it in one piece. We had crazy weather: snowstorm (4 inches), below zero temperatures, ice storms, sleet, a thunderstorm, and even woke up one morning to flooding in my parents basement. My brother Gary joined us for a few days after Christmas. We had a cold trip downtown to the Field Museum and Millenium Park and went ice skating on New Years Eve. Here are a few pics from our trip.

Ice skating on New Years Eve.

All my nieces and nephews with my kids.

Matt has a vocal moment with his cousin Caroline

Alec, Justin, Katrina, and Matt

Chicago in the Bean, Millenium Park.

My hometown....Chicago is

A view of the Field Museum through a gazebo in M. Park.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Recap

Another summer gone. Another year of school. Matt is going into his senior year. I am going into my senior year. Justin is now a sophomore. Dave is business as usual. Highlights include our trip to Puerta Vallarta with mom and dad, my last conference where I presented my photo essay and gallery showing in Maryland, my first gallery showing in Rockport Texas, and Dave's "Indiana Jones" spoof VBS movie shoot. I will try and include as many photos as I can, which should be self explanatory of how we spent our summer. No sports this year. Kids just hung out while I worked a summer job at a resort, although Matt is working on a summer math program online and hopefully a drivers license soon. We forwent the drivers ed due to tennis tournament commitments last year. He and Justin have decided to focus on their art and studying to passing state exams. Of course, we are also preparing Matt to start college next year. His sites are set on Texas State or Savannah School of Art and Design, although he may have to take some community college first due to his HS sabotaging his college requirements/course path for HS math...long story but needless to say not very happy with his counselor at this time. Enjoy the pics. (will post the VBS pics on a separate blog)

NCUR - Photo essay presentation and gallery showing at Salisbury University, Maryland; at the Chesapeake Bridge and Ocean City Boardwalk with my roommate for trip, Lindsay Bira; tulips and flowers on campus; a nighttime pitch black, no-flash shot of the beach at Ocean City(had to color and light enhancein Photoshop to make out the images)

Puerta Vallarta June 2008
From our room balcony; sunset at one of the restaurants
Kids boogie boarding; being goofy at waterfall
Flaming coffee.

Kids riding dolphins.
Dinner with mom and dad.

Pics not bad while riding a horse!
Boat and horse ride trip.

Be sure to ask about cost before someone hands you an iguana, this one cost us plenty.
Mom, Dad, Justin, Matt